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Few things about me


this-is-joy-2I am Juanita Joy, a Holistic Wellness Coach.  I have a Master’s Degree in Education and I worked in the field of early childhood education for almost 30 years.  Most of those years involved teaching young children, later teaching teachers, and finally administering/monitoring early childhood programs.

As a Master Teacher I was committed to helping classroom teachers to understand that social-emotional and physical skills were as important as intellectual skills development because the child is a whole person, with many facets.

The skills they learn about getting along with others, their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, and the knowledge of how to take care of their bodies, are just as important as the ability to reason and problem-solve. These skills (and more in each developmental domain) are used throughout their lifetime, in all situations and circumstances.

Without this knowledge, the basic foundation for living a successful life is undermined. Hence, we live in a world where a lot of people don’t know how to get along with others, they don’t feel good in their own skin, and they are unhealthy.  My mission is to help people overcome barriers to living a healthy and balanced life.

My own love of learning, inner disquiet, and desire to gain knowledge of the mysteries of life, led me to a years-long study of many branches of spirituality, eastern and western mysteries, energy healing methods, and the like. This search for understanding has led me down some interesting paths and blind alleys, but I have gained much wisdom through living life, studying the Masters, and the mysteries.

For example, I have learned that all we do; whether it is in search of a more fulfilling career, financial abundance, better relationships, greater health, really whatever we desire, is because we believe that acquisition of those things will make us happy. We are all seekers after happiness, joy, freedom, and fun.

My life purpose is to assist people on their path to happiness through a focus on holistic health and wellness.  My ideal clients are, like me, on a spiritual quest to discover who “I Am” and to live life in its fullness.


Come take the journey with me.  

What we do

quantumlogo11As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach I provide one-on-one and group coaching, both online and offline.  My work also incorporates a focus on 7 Life Management Strategies which are correlated to the 7 primary Chakras; vibrational healing, both local and distant through Reiki; and other aspects of energetic healing of the mind,

body, soul, and Spirit to include essential oil awareness and usage, and aromatherapy.


  • Uncovering blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from realizing your full potential.
  • Getting in touch with your inner child, healing her, and finding peace in your soul.
  • Stopping the recording going round and around in your head that repeats: “you’re not good enough; you’re too fat, too stupid, too slow, too old, too sick, and too unworthy of the finer things in life.”  Or that “you are undeserving of happiness, or prosperity, or joy”.
  • Learning skills you can use on a daily basis to help you reduce stress and deal with situations and people that lower your vibrations though techniques such as Reiki self-healing, aromatherapy usage, specific “ask and it is given” processes, mindset practices that move you past negative thought patterns, meditation, journaling, and creative visualization.
  • Gaining clarity on what you truly want out of life; mind, body, Spirit.
  • Creating a comprehensive life plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Developing the confidence and belief that anything you want to do, be, and have will come to in due time because you understand Universal Laws and Principles.
  • Understanding how powerful your thoughts are and using this knowledge to create your life, by design.
  • Having a qualifies Holistic Wellness Coach to serve as facilitator of your growth, who teaches you specific strategies and techniques, then holds your accountable for your actions…with unconditional love.
  • Developing the confidence and consistency to carry through on your plans.
  • Enjoying the process

The mission is to help you get what you want out of life in the most conscious, joyful, and effective way possible.

I have a private practice in Stone Mountain, Georgia and I offer life coaching by telephone enabling me to help people throughout the country and overseas. I incorporate a wide range of wellness skills in my practice which allows me to engage with my client’s in many different modalities based on assessed need.

If you could sit down and talk to me one-on-one what would you ask me to cover in a coaching session?


What information do you feel you need at this point of your life?

  • Do you want information on how to find your ideal partner (and I mean IDEAL and not PERFECT, sorry… nobody’s perfect), and not JUST with a love partner… but soul connected partners in business, friendship and even children? Or,
  • For example, do you want to learn how to create more abundance (and I don’t mean just money, abundance of ALL good things)? Or,
  • Do you want to create your ideal body (and I don’t JUST mean lose weight, but also better health, perhaps heal something within your body, or find more life force energy)? Or,
  • Are you looking to create a new career or improve the one you are currently in? Or,
  • Are you interested in creating an amazing lifestyle (where your time is your own and you control your schedule? One where you decide how much you want to work and how much you want to play. Speaking of play, what is play to you … taking extravagant vacations, going to the beach whenever you want? What is your definition of extravagance?)
  • Are you deliberately creating your life the way you want it? Do you even know what you want?

That is where I want to help you. I feel so blessed because I literally have created everything that I want and it is so much fun. I am so passionate and committed to facilitating the awakening of others on how to do it too.

I believe that you have the answers to all your questions about your circumstances within you. You have probably considered all the options or ideas for resolution to your problems and discarded them because of emotional or mental blocks or limiting beliefs.

Through our work together you will be able to focus on your issues or ambitions from a totally different perspective and then I will provide you with tips, techniques, and strategies you can use to resolve your own problems and achieve your own ambitions.

Need more information? I offer a Complimentary Discovery Session which will help you: 

  • Understand the difference between coaching, counselling, mentoring and psychotherapy so that we start on the same page and you understand my coaching style.
  • Begin to clarify what you want, what you are seeking, and why you want it.
  • Find out what your biggest challenge is right now.
  • Describe in detail what your heartfelt desire is, how it will feel when you realize it, and how your life will change if you actually created the vision you have for your life.
  • Identify the problem that you have and begin to solve it with you.
  • Begin to get in touch with what motivates you and what you really care about.
  • Create a sense of clarity about the type of life you really want to design.
  • Learn a process you can use throughout the week to help you begin to get unstuck from what is stopping you from achieving your goal.
  • Gain a commitment to get what you want.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what you can do to next to design and maintain the life you TRULY desire!

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